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David A. Seglin, 

Licensed Architect, LEED AP, NCARB

Village Grove Community Center

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

The retirement community of Village Grove in Elk Grove Village is replacing an outdated Commons building with this new 10,000 sf facility adjacent to an existing pond. The new building incorporates activity space, property management offices, maintenance facilities, and social indoor and outdoor gathering areas. Group activity areas such as the Community Room, Exercise Room, Greenhouse and outdoor decks face the pond on the eastern half of the building. The more private spaces such as the Library, Computer Room and Offices are found along the more insular western side of the structure. A two story open circulation spine runs south to north linking the arrangement into a unified composition.

Exterior materials are employed to convey a sense of both openness and enclosure, transparency and privacy. Masonry on three sides of the Community Center relates to the modern style, scale and color of the surrounding residential townhomes. Wood siding, timber structure with expansive glazed openings and curved metal siding convey an organic and open quality towards the pond and landscape.

By refining the architectural style typifying the neighboring townhomes, the new building establishes a unique identity by means of the creative use of familiar materials.