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David A. Seglin, 

Licensed Architect, LEED AP, NCARB

Park Place Development

W. 51st Street & S. Lawndale
Chicago, Illinois

Located at 51st and Lawndale on Chicago’s Southwest side, this fourteen acre 177 dwelling mixed housing development is comprised of townhouses, three flats, six flats and single family homes articulated in traditional Chicago housing styles. The use of alternating facades, varying masonry colors, full width porches and siding contribute to the unique dynamic of the complex. Other features include a one acre park and adjacent community center.

This traditional style neighborhood reclaims and revitalizes an abandoned manufacturing area with a variety of housing types and
open space in such a way as to resemble a naturally occurring neighborhood. Primary access to the site is along a classic tree lined main street terminating on a community green space. Pedestrian friendly sidewalks and streets minimizes resident / automobile interaction in a manner that promotes outdoor activity and vitality.