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David A. Seglin, 

Licensed Architect, LEED AP, NCARB

Drexel University - Pennoni Honors College

Philadelphia, PA
Solomon Cordwell Buenz

The project consisted of the full renovation and interior design of an existing 406 bed residence hall and an 11,000-square-foot academic addition which now serves as the new home for the Pennoni Honors College.

Renovations of the original residence hall included a full building systems update and complete remodeling of the student residential units and bathrooms. Lounges adjacent to the elevators were added to each floor, and alternate between social and study uses to help build a sense of community amongst residents. The ground floor was reimagined and connected seamlessly to the addition, which houses three seminar rooms, a large multi-purpose room with a kitchen, quiet study space, and a “living room” for the honors college. This rich, programmatic mix provides abundant options for students and faculty searching for places to gather. The interior design for the space takes several cues from the original mid-century vintage of of the existing structure, including exposed brick walls, modern furniture, and lighting inspired by the era.

The new addition provides the honors college with a new identity and is differentiated from the larger existing building through a modern stone and glass architectural expression. A front porch extending the length of the addition will enliven the Arch Street façade with outdoor seating and an unobstructed visual connection to the interior spaces. The second floor will feature a suite of offices for faculty and Honors College staff.