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David A. Seglin, 

Licensed Architect, LEED AP, NCARB

F1 Super Club Master Plan

Incheon Island, South Korea
with Apex Circuit Design, Junglim Architecture

The Master Plan Design of an exclusive auto racing enthusiasts membership club on a 1,200,000 sqm site in South Korea analyzed two potential sites located adjacent to Seoul’s Incheon Airport in a designated Economic Free Enterprise Zone. Comprised of a fleet of exotic sports cars, a FIA Grade 1 Five km racetrack, luxury Hotel and Research and Design Center, the Club will become the hub for racing enthusiasts in Asia by providing a unique member’s only exclusive driving, instructional and resort experience. The project includes dedicated signature buildings for auto manufacturers providing direct access to the track and will feature showrooms, garage areas, retail and hospitality facilities.

Target regions for Club membership are China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The Club will address the driving and racing needs of a select segment of exotic car owners that lack the facilities, equipment and support to satisfy their passion for the ultimate driving experience.

The track is configured to allow multiple configurations including high speed and handling characteristics. A skid pad, carting track and pit garages are incorporated into the plan. The Luxury Hotel will incorporate approximately 300 rooms with dedicated member’s clubhouse area and services. Additional on-site amenities include Exhibition Space, Retail Center and Research and Development facility.